Sunday, January 30, 2011

Web 2.0 Tools for the classroom

Web 2.0 for the Classroom - home
What is Web 2.0? It is the new generation of the Internet where content on the web is created or edited by users like you! If you have written, created or collaborated on the web, then you have used Web 2.0 applications. One example is the free, personalized speaking avatar on the right by Voki. Try it out... click the play button in the bottom left corner to hear an introduction from me.

Using Web 2.0 tools will move your classroom into the 21st Century of digital skills. Students in this digital age thrive on collaboration and engagement which makes its use in the classroom an important learning tool

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Qwiki - a tool you'll love

Free Technology for Teachers: Wow! Qwiki is Engaging
In the last 48 hours since they opened up to the world, I've had numerous people tell me that I had to check out Qwiki. I finally did check it out this afternoon and all I can say is "wow!"......

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Open Courses

You have probably heard of them, free online courses open to anyone who wants to take them. Some courses have had more than 2,000 students participating. What is it about open courses that makes them the latest phenomenon in online learning? Why are so many flocking to learn without credit?

Friday, January 07, 2011

Wow - A great way to use Google Docs for presentations

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That With Google Docs

If you think Google Docs is too barebones, especially for presentations, take a look at the video above. The animation was created by Tu+, Namroc, and Metcalf Anything using only Google Docs. It was their entry in the Google Demo Slam, which showcases creative videos of Google products in action. The video has already been watched more than one million times.

Google Demo Slam: Epic Docs Animation

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

10 Cool Web 2.0 Tools for Educators

DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Tools and Technologies for Effective Classrooms
There are many new ‘tools’ or websites that can be used with great success in the classroom. Web 2.0 refers to a supposed second generation of Internet-based services. These usually include tools that let people collaborate and share information online, such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies. There are hundreds of Web2.0 sites – here are 10 that can be used easily in the classroom.

20 Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have

The Case for Open Source Textbooks