Thursday, July 27, 2006

Future Tense from American Public Media

Future Tense from American Public Media: "Free Internet TV application aims to democratize 'Net media Listen in RealAudio The Democracy Player is a program that lets users subscribe to video channels, download programs in the background, and view most video formats in full-screen resolution. There are 500 channels, including popular video blogs like 'Rocketboom' and mainstream content like ABC News. There are Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the free, open source program. The Democracy Player has a political mission as well: to give individuals more control over the TV they watch and produce. The project is being led by the non-profit Participatory Culture Foundation, which is dedicated to free, open access to media. Co-founder Nicholas Reville says Democracy Player does a better job than internet video sites such as YouTube of providing a picture quality closer to traditional television."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Google Help Center: How can I view my calendar from other applications?

Wondering how to access the calendars we are using at Stritch? Wonder no more..... Google Help Center: How can I view my calendar from other applications?: "How can I view my calendar from other applications? Your calendar's 'Private Address' in XML or iCal format lets you easily view a read-only version of your calendar from other applications -- like a feed reader (e.g. Google Reader) or a product that supports the iCal format (e.g. iCal for Mac). Your calendar's 'Private Address' in HTML format lets you view a read-only version of your calendar without signing in to Google Calendar. To obtain your calendar's 'Private Address,' just follow these steps:
  1. Under 'Calendars' in the left column, click on the down-arrow next to the appropriate calendar, then select 'Calendar settings.' (Alternatively, click on 'Manage Calendars' under 'Calendars' in the left column, then click on the name of the appropriate calendar.)
  2. In the 'Private Address' section, click on the 'XML', 'iCal', or 'HTML' icon. A pop-up window with your calendar's public URL will appear.
Additionally, you can export your calendar information by clicking on the 'ICAL' button and clicking on the displayed URL. Note: the private address was designed for your use only, so be sure not to share this address with others. If you want to let others view your calendar, you can share your calendar's public address (or 'Calendar Address') with them. If you accidentally share your calendar's private address, click on the 'Reset Private URLs' link to regenerate your calendar's private address."