Thursday, July 27, 2006

Future Tense from American Public Media

Future Tense from American Public Media: "Free Internet TV application aims to democratize 'Net media Listen in RealAudio The Democracy Player is a program that lets users subscribe to video channels, download programs in the background, and view most video formats in full-screen resolution. There are 500 channels, including popular video blogs like 'Rocketboom' and mainstream content like ABC News. There are Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the free, open source program. The Democracy Player has a political mission as well: to give individuals more control over the TV they watch and produce. The project is being led by the non-profit Participatory Culture Foundation, which is dedicated to free, open access to media. Co-founder Nicholas Reville says Democracy Player does a better job than internet video sites such as YouTube of providing a picture quality closer to traditional television."

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