Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Video games that teach beyond basics

Video games that teach beyond basics
Alex L. GoldfaynPublished December 25, 2006For more than a decade, professor David Williamson Shaffer has been trying to change the world, one video game at a time.And he has his work cut for him. Shaffer is not just trying to change kids, but the very school system that teaches them."The fundamental premise of school is that there are these disciplines--math, science, history--and these are the building blocks of anything we have to do later on," Shaffer said. "Kids' jobs are to master these basics."But Shaffer has a problem with this premise, and it's a bombshell: Using this approach, our schools are not preparing our kids to be successful in today's high-charged, high-tech world.

Video games that teach beyond basics | Chicago Tribune

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Have you heard about the stuff CESA 1 is doing with Gaming? Check out the River City project and ARgh!