Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Banning Pencils

I found this on Doug Johnson's "The Blue Skunk" blog. - worthwhile reading - see the entire article for more.

I gotta say that this “potential misuse” as a reason for banning technologies drives me nuts. If we applied this rationale for not allowing a technology to an old, familiar technology, we’d certainly have to ban pencils from school because:

  1. A student might poke out the eye of another student.
  2. A student might write a dirty word with one. Or even write a whole harassing note and pass it to another student.
  3. One student might have a mechanical pencil making those with wooden ones feel bad.
  4. The pencil might get stolen or lost.
  5. Kids might be doodling instead of working on their assignments.

Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog - Blue Skunk Blog - Rules for Pod People and a Proposal for Banning Pencils

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