Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's not all what we hear - Digital Natives may need us more than we think

Digital Nativism
Digital Nativism Digital Delusions and Digital Deprivation By Jamie McKenzie About author Being born into a culture saturated with things digital is not a complete blessing despite the eager claims of digital drum majors and pied pipers. Neither is such immersion an automatic state of grace. Those leading the digital surge are quick to exile older folks to a dust bin of irrelevancy simply because they were born before the iPod. Their point of view is harsh and ill informed. Their stance is unsubstantiated

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1 comment:

Miguel said...

Louis, thanks for pointing this one out! Pretty heavy rebuttal of Prensky's work by Jamie.

Of course, Prensky's terms have passed into "pop-culture" and may endure.