Monday, June 16, 2008


I have been exploring online databases - here is another.

blist | the world's first online social database
blist is the world’s easiest database. blist is all about discovering, sharing, publishing, distributing, and subscribing to data at home and at work.

blist makes it easy for anyone to create private or collaborative databases for anything from party or wedding guest lists, fantasy football statistics, and personal finances to professional information such as sales contacts, project management sheets, campaign tracking, status reports, patient records, and more.

A community of data and data templates allow you to get started right away, and keeps you from duplicating tedious data entry work wherever possible.

blist’s visually rich and intuitive UI enables non-technical people to work with data as powerfully as if they were supported by an IT staff - without requiring that resource. blist makes relational database creation and management as easy as using a spreadsheet.

Create. Organize. Share. Connect.

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