Thursday, January 29, 2009

Evernote to the Rescue

Google NotebookI have been a fan of Google Notebook - and have used it on and off.  I think the "off" is true for too many people, since Google has announced they will not be continuing Notebook.  What to do with all of my "notes" - another application I have dabbled in to the rescue.

Evernote Blog » Blog Archive » Welcome You Fine Google Notebook Users
Evernote LogoRecently, Google announced that they were stopping development on Google Notebook. We’re big fans of Google Notebook, in fact many of used it before Evernote came along. When we heard the news, we immediately began work on a Google Notebook import tool. Today, it’s ready. So, all of you Google Notebook users can now easily bring your notes, labels, and sections right into Evernote.

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Troy Malone said...

Very nice! Evernote rocks...