Thursday, April 15, 2010

Replacing Etherpad with TypeWith.Me

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Source: Jane’s eLearning Pick of the Day

Site: TypeWith.Me

There is a super simple and ultra functional website called Etherpad. Etherpad allows you to create a document that multiple people can edit at once. It can be handy for collaboration with other teachers, creating a super-simple wiki page and a few dozen other uses. There are other sites which allow similar functionality, but what sets etherpad apart is that you can create and share a new page without an account (type in to your browser where xxx=what you want your page to be titled). Another thing that sets etherpad apart is the simple chat function in the bottom corner of the page. It allows users to discuss things before they set them down on the page.

So if etherpad is so great, why would you ever use anything that was similar? Well, etherpad was purchased by google (have you heard of them?) and the technology behind the product is going to be used in other products that google offers.

Google will not be keeping etherpad up and running, but to their credit they have made the source code available to other designers. The first (that I’m aware of) replacement is TypeWith.Me and is linked up at the top of the page. You can navigate to the site and create a pad (or you can place in your brower’s URL bar, where xxx is your desired title) and start collaborating on shared documents!

If you want to just ’see’ what a pad looks like before you create one, click here:

There are likely to be be more and more etherpad replacement on the horizon. Enjoy.

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