Monday, August 16, 2010

iPad Quiz Maker

ProProfs is an advanced, free quiz maker offering more features than you might expect. Advanced options like security, scoring, time limits & more make this online quiz software perfect for corporations, educational institutions and just for fun. This free quiz maker is 100% safe for use in educational environment with Family-safe advertisements in the free version. If you are looking for a test generator, exam maker or a causal quiz creator, ProProfs fits the need. Make your own online quiz now with many options at your disposal.


Kevin Smith said...

You’ve shared it all beautiful. I love this post. Keep it up...

Free Online Quiz Maker

winter.guy said...

I think is one of the the best for those who want to create or take quizzes.
It's easy, free, you can create scored quizzes and personality quizzes and also polls, questions, stories, groups.