Sunday, July 24, 2011

Are Schools on the Verge of a Mobile-Phone Revolution?

Are Schools on the Verge of a Mobile-Phone Revolution? - Education - GOOD
These days its pretty impossible to find a teen without a cell phone—over 75 percent of them own one—which means that schools should be seriously looking at how to harness the technology in the classroom. In fact, given the possibilities for learning through games, simulations, virtual environments and interfaces, we could be on the verge of a mobile education revolution. But, while isolated schools or school districts have experimental pilot projects, many educators are still pretty wary of mobile-based learning, and some even ban mobile phones from being on campus.........

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jimfaster said...

I use a lot of technology in the classroom, but as you can see how young people use mobile phones? I can tell you that my kids use cell phones for all but the training: weaving children in other classes, teachers are included, so that may be inciting fights movie theater, listen to music. All this is happening, and in my area. And then there are the phones go, when you teach the lesson. Those of us knows better than sub listen to some of Harvard know-it-all geek who has a different clientele in its class (if any).

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