Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A student guide to studying online

A student guide to studying online
What you need to know before you enroll for an online course

Although most students adjust very quickly, studying online is different in some ways from studying in class. In particular, it requires discipline to keep ‘on schedule’ when there are no daily set lectures or classes to attend.

The importance of online course design

The way a course is designed can make an enormous difference to how easy it is to study online. Well designed courses do provide strong guidelines for when work, and what kind of work (writing assignments, tests or online class discussion), needs to be done. Poorly designed courses place much more onus on the student to organize their work, although a well designed program will deliberately encourage more and more independence and self-management as students progress through the program. However, if you are taking an undergraduate or two year college online course, it should be well designed, and that means being very clear about what is expected of you as a student.

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