Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cometdocs - Online Document Management System

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The brand new Cometdocs website has morphed from a trusted and reliable free PDF conversion service into an all-encompassing, free online document management system.

Cometdocs users are able to upload their files in a vast variety of file formats, transfer and send them to third parties via email, store them for future reference or as backup files, manage and preview files online and share them publicly.


Sanath kumar said...

Documents is something that a organization generates in a loads and loads of numbers. Managing these documents requires document management systems which is capable of managing these numbers. Looking forward for more information on this.

Kaieza Damien said...

Hi there! great post. Thanks for sharing a very interesting and informative content, it is a big help to me and to others as well, keep it up!
When members of a customer service team have instant access to a client’s information, for example, they can provide a superior level of support. It can also expedite the customer service inquiry, resulting in happier and more satisfied customers.

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