Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10 Creative Ways To Use Google Tools To Maximize Learning | Edudemic

10 Creative Ways To Use Google Tools To Maximize Learning | Edudemic
When we think about the tools and resources that benefit all learners, certain key attributes come to mind: multiple modalities, scaffolding, communication, collaboration, and support. While there are hundreds of tools and devices available, we have found 10 strategies to maximize the learning possibilities through creative uses of All Things Google.

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Anonymous said...

I must say the Write Space app is pretty sweet. It might not get to the full "analog planning" as we have discussed in class but it certainly removes some distractions, particularly when in full screen mode. I like the word, line and character count. The black background is also somewhat if we could just change the font to green...

I could see the Video Notes coming in handy for MOOC lecture videos and videos of any significant length.

Moderator seems to be another form of Google Groups in some ways. It seems to be more focused though as a discussion thread. I gave it a try by creating a series here. I thought a topic of app lists might be appropriate.

Sometimes the amount of free and useful apps is too good to be true! Tracking and retaining the "best of the best" can present a challenge. I realize any of this could be searched but sometimes it is nice to cultivate a list as well. I could sit in front of my computer for hours trying new apps so I might as well create some knowledge while doing so, right!