Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Complete Teacher

From an email forwarded to me.....
The Complete Teacher Program is being offered, free, to the profession as a way of improving teaching skills. (This program normally sells for $105.) The Complete Teacher™ is a computer-based system for delivering training in the praxis of teaching. The program is designed around a complex clinical training model which views the teacher as an actor, developer, professional, manager, salesperson, subject expert, and writer. New York University Professor Robert Swerdlow, the program's author, has hypothesized that it is the degree of mastery, both within and among these seven performance areas that will determine a teacher's effectiveness. The Complete Teacher™ can be downloaded for free from the publisher's web site --- "Teachers have many hats to wear during the course of a teaching day…The Complete Teacher, a new computer-based training system, addresses each of these roles through a series of training modules."--- INSTRUCTOR MAGAZINE

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