Wednesday, January 18, 2006

eHuddle™- Something every committee can agree on.

eHuddle™- Something every committee can agree on. A good friend sent me this site - and said the following: I am attending the Wisconsin Data Summit for Successful Schools next week Tuesday. The reason I mention this is that we have been using ehuddle ( to prepare for the day long meeting. It is a very cool online collaboration tool that "makes your committee more efficient and effective by empowering every group member to brainstorm, express opinions, and vote without ever attending a single meeting! eHuddle allows them to do it in their own time!" Last week we did an "estorm" (individual brainstorming) and our task this week is to escore (prioritize) all of the ideas. After the escore session ends, we will be able to see how the group rated the ideas. These results become the groundwork for next Tuesday's meeting. I thought this might be a useful tool for us as a department. What do you think? What do I think - wow - what a great idea.

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