Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Teach42 - Education and Technology, by Steve Dembo » AjaxSketch - Sketch it for free online

Teach42 - Education and Technology, by Steve Dembo File this one under 'Yet another application that can be replaced by a website'. AjaxSketch is exactly what it sounds like, an Ajax website that serves as a sketching program. It’s clearly superior to MIcrosoft Paint, and clearly inferior to Adobe Illustrator. However, it IS free and is web based so your students can have access to it from any computer and any OS at any time (it does require Firefox though strangely enough). I’m not much of an artist, but it seemed to work pretty smooth. The menus are well laid out and for the most part the tools are arranged according to industry standard. If it had the Bomb and some stamps, I’d even suggest it could serve as a poor man’s Kid Pix! One more site to add to your toolbox of online apps."

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