Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Weblogg-ed » Blog Banning Update

Weblogg-ed » Blog Banning Update: "Blog Banning Update Good thoughts on this issue....
Tom’s been cranking at the Gray List of sites that he wants to test over at the Blog Banning wiki, and, in fact, he’s ready to give it a shot. It will be interesting to see what happens, and if you can take part, I’d really urge you to participate. The whole blocking issue really hit home this morning. I was chatting with a superintendent and a principal about some upcoming, summer bloggy training we have scheduled and I asked about the level of blockage at their district. Blogger? Blocked. Blocked. PBWiki? Blocked. Wikipedia? Hahahahahaha. Teacher and student Internet access at home in this district is nearly 100 percent. Does it really make sense to block literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of potentially worthwhile, safe, educational sites with the flip of a switch when those same sites are being accessed from home? There’s more of a post brewing in all of this. For now, let’s see what Tom comes up with."

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