Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thinkfinity - an elevator speech to describe it.

What is Thinkfinity? Thinkfinity is a collaboration and sharing web portal, which allows teachers and students to zero in with laser like precision onto educational resources that meet their needs. Instead of using a search engine, like Google, which may give you millions of hits to willow and wade through when searching for content related to a standard, Thinkfinity almost instantly gives you teacher and peer reviewed web sites and documents which are aligned to state and national standards.

The web resources include lesson plans, printable documents, multimedia, as well as interactive computer simulations for the majority of curricular disciplines. From mathematics, dance, geography and even literacy. It is a way to save time searching the plethora of items on the web and is a well organized library of curriculum - and it is free. The site partners with National Education partners, like NCTM, NCTE and more. So find an internet connection and enhance as well as differentiate your instruction using Thinkfinity.

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