Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Teach42 - Education and Technology, by Steve Dembo » GCast.com - An great resource for EduPodcasters!

Teach42 - Education and Technology, by Steve Dembo » GCast.com - An great resource for EduPodcasters!: "GCast.com - An great resource for EduPodcasters! Filed under: Tech — Steve @ Apr 25, 06 | 1:14 pm Huge kudos to John Blake for pointing out this one out to me. GCast.com is a sister site to GarageBand.com, which has long been known for being a great source for ‘pod safe’ music. GCast is similar to Audioblogger.com but has some great features that give it the nod in my book. First of all, it’s perfect for mobcasting. You can dial up a phone number, enter in a pin and record a podcast via phone. My one problem with Audioblogger was that you had to enter quite a few numbers before you could record your podcast, too many to remember. This is nice and simple. A phone number of your choosing and a 4 digit pin. Easy. Second reason I like it is that it creates an RSS feed for your recordings automatically. If you don’t have or don’t want a blog, you don’t need one. It’s an instant podcast, enclosures and all. In fact, it’s even iTunes compliant! Third reason I’m a big fan is that you can upload your own mp3 files! You were never able to do that with Audioblogger. You recorded via phone and that was it. Gcast is providing free hosting for your audio! Only stipulations is that it has to be an MP3 and encoded at 44.1khz. Not a big deal at all. Fourth reason is that if you DO have your own blog, they provide full URL’s for your podcasts so you can handle your own RSS feed if you want. They also provide a groovey little player that you can embed into your blog or html site to allow people to play your podcasts. There’s a bunch of other features as well, but I’ve seen enough to be a convert. I tested it out a bit and find it extremely easy to use. Unlike OurMedia.org, the publishing process is pretty speedy. It took about three minutes for my test podcast to go live. I’ve had it take hours to go live on OurMedia.org and "

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