Monday, April 10, 2006

Xdrive : Secure Online Storage

Xdrive : Secure Online Storage Looking for a way to store and share data - yet be able to access it from anywhere? This may be one solution. Especially when you work in in multiple locations, or have people who need to share information, but do not have access to a network drive from all locations.

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Rick said...

Hi Louis, another choice is IBackup.

I use IBackup for Windows with which I either allow the application to automatically select data or choose only those files or folders that need to be backed up. There is no compromise on data security as all data transfer, including sharing of files and folders, is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption.

IBackup supports one-way syncing of files or folders from your computer to your IBackup account. Snapshots allow the account holder to see the files stored in the IBackup account during the previous days. IBackup for Quicken performs near real time backup of your recently modified 'Quicken/ QuickBooks' files to your IBackup account.

Listen to your favorite songs and create playlists using
IDrive Multimedia . The
Webmanager lets you create folders, upload, files and share files or folders with others for collaborative access. You can even access your IBackup account through handhelds.

IBackup’s advanced features include online backup of MS Exchange Server databases without interrupting the running MS Exchange Server services. It can backup MS SQL Server databases without stopping database services. Try their free trial to know more about their cool features. IBackup is a good online storage and backup solution.