Thursday, July 10, 2008

Assessing Game based Literacies

epistemic games
Knowledge and Skills are not enough - adding identity and values brings you closer - but with Epistemology you have a lens to work through

It's about finding ways to work through learning to think. Using Soda Constructor you can have students work like engineers. They work with others and construct knowledge. Part of an epistemic frame is getting the values of enjoying work, so students learn lke engineers and find value.

How do we assess this though, we cannot do this in isolation with 19th century assessment techniques. If we use an epistemic frame we are going beyond one assessment to including multiple and know how they are doing at any given time.

Social networking analysis is one method or piece that allows for patterns of conversation and interactions, creating a map of the social relationships. Measuring the kind of thinking that is going on in a game over time. Beyond knowledge and skills - but seeing how integration of learning that is taking place. We need to think about thinking in a different way.

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