Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Online Learning Daily - Stephan Downes

I am at AcademicFest, day 2 - listening to Stephen Downes give a keynote over Skype, while he is in Canary Islands broadcasting from an Internet Cafe. - He temporarily lost his connection so I looked at his posting today - and could not agree more. Thoughts?

OLDaily ~ by Stephen Downes
Web Apps and Netbooks
Cloud computing is now one of my areas of interest, and in spite of the 45 minute outage of Google Docs today, I think that it is exploding as a trend. Cloud computing refers to the many services available for free on the web, which are replacing traditional software applications that run on individual computers. When you pair a mobile device like a smartphone or ultra-lite computer (what Intel is calling a "netbook") with web apps, you have a ground-shifting change in how we are productive using information technologies. Simple Spark, a directory for web applications has over 9,600 web apps listed. Tony Vincent highlights many that would be useful for education, and reviews the advantages and disadvantages of netbooks. -GW Tony Vincent, Learning in Hand, July 8, 2008 [Link] [Tags: Google] [Comment]

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