Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Finding Online Apps

Simple Spark - About Simple Spark
Cool Stuff for Your Life Online.™
Simple Spark is the place to find and share a new world of web applications.

Introducing a Catalog of Cool Stuff
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The web is the next great platform and not just for publishing, but for everything. You'll use the web to do all the things you did with traditional applications — write papers, keep your calendar, play games, keep in touch — and you'll do it from your personal computer, your cell phone and your iPhone. The Simple Spark Catalog is the place to find all of the really cool web applications, or "apps" that will become an integral part of your life online.

Not only does the Simple Spark Catalog have a comprehensive listing of really cool apps that gets larger every day, but we also give you the tools to organize and share all these apps with your friends. Our catalog is a marketplace where both established companies and independent developers come to strut their stuff.

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