Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dipity - an online Timeline


I read on Digital Learning Environment Blogs by Jim McDermitt the following:
Dipity is a timeline tool that is web-based, free, and collaborative.  Each point on the timeline can include text, images, and streamed video.  It’s easy to use and produces beautifully interactive timelines.  I don’t need to tout the merits of building timelines to help students have a chronological frame of reference for events because you know that already.  But this web-based tool really takes it to the next level with interactive digital timelines that can have multiple contributors, images, videos, maps, and links to wikipedia articles (or any website for that matter) — all wrapped up in an attractive easy to use interface.

So I think I will need to take Dipity for a spin.  I should be able to give you a report on it in a little while. Till then lets have some time to make it happen!

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Bob said... is a site that offers similar, more dynamic timeline functionality. Group creators set up who can view and contribute content. Check us out. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Bob Armour