Thursday, September 04, 2008

What does Teaching and learning in Web 2.0 look like?

Wesley Fryer asks some good questions and invites us all to add to the discussion

What does teaching and learning 2.0 look like » Moving at the Speed of Creativity
4th September 2008
What does teaching and learning 2.0 look like
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In his follow-up presentation / facilitated conversation after his keynote at BLC08, Ewan McIntosh asserted that no single image or video can represent what the new era of teaching and learning looks like. I agree there are multiple ways of thinking about blended learning and what an ideal learning environment in the 21st century can and should look like. I also agree with Ewan’s point that as educators we need to teach, facilitate, and lead in the ways we believe are best for learners and learning and share that with others. I also think there is value, however, in reflecting on images of teaching and learning, as well as technology, and discussing how those images reflect or fail to reflect what is best and needed for learning inside and outside of classrooms today.

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