Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lesson Writer

What it is

Lessonwriter creates lesson plans and instructional materials for teaching English language skills from any reading passage
How it works
  • Copy & paste any text you choose into LessonWriter.
  • LessonWriter analyzes text for vocabulary, grammar and usage, pronunciation, and word roots and stems.
  • Then, LessonWriter writes a lesson plan and a lesson that teaches the skills you chose in the context of the passage - automatically.

How LessonWriter helps teachers

  • Save Time Create high-quality, standards-based lesson plans and teaching materials from text in about a minute.
  • Be Creative Scripts, poems, articles, stories, and more. LessonWriter automatically creates lessons and materials from any text from any source. Choose different content to meet the interests and needs of individual groups of students while teaching the same English language skills to the entire class, or teach the same content but emphasize different skills and vocabulary for separate students.
  • Accommodate Students LessonWriter generates suggestions for differentiating and implementing the lesson to individual students.
  • Track Classes All lessons are permanently recorded for easy and reliable reporting.
  • Design a Unit of Study Content and skills taught to each registered class are automatically tracked, and the next skills needed to systematically cover English Language Arts Learning Standards are recommended.

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